Hope for Rockingham Park

Game On — Salem officials speak in favor of video gambling at Rockingham

With the prospect of video gambling at Rockingham Park on the horizon once again, town officials and residents have told the state House of Representatives that they’re in full support.

Several officials, along with Rockingham Park manager Ed Callahan, testified before a House Ways and Means subcommittee recently in hopes of convincing the state to pass a pro-gaming bill that could bring revenue to the state.

The revenue might be used to alleviate the state’s education funding issues and also bring money to other state programs.

If passed, the bill could bring about dramatic changes for the struggling 170-acre horse racing park.

To read the entire article: http://cs.newhampshire.com/blogs/salem_observer/archive/2007/09/05/Game-on-_1320_-Salem-officials-speak-in-favor-of-video-gambling-at-Rockingham.aspx



Nora said...

I've got my fingers AND toes crossed for that one. I think without it, Rockingham Park will become a shopping center within the next 10 years.

Kara C. said...

So true. Everytime I come back and drive through the parking lot I am so sad to see what it has become. It really could be such an awesome establishment. I hope the voting works out finally.