New Library at Rhodes

I forgot to tak pictures around campus, but my friend just sent some that he took. Here are two pictures of the new library at Rhodes. It's beautiful, state-of-the-art and very spacious (especially considering it's predecessor).

An excerpt from Rhodes Magazine:
"A secret time capsule is just one of the surprises embedded in Barret, a 136,000-square-foot gem of Gothic splendor and 21st-century efficiency. Through the grand entrance, up an imposing staircase, down handsome corridors, behind etched glass doors — no matter which path one follows, a surprise awaits at the end.

From the star-spangled dome atop the curved, second-floor reading room to the cloistered exterior walkways where laptop users can access the network wirelessly, Barret is a repository of unexpected treats and treasures. This is not your grandparents’ — or your parents’ — library."

For the complete article: http://www.rhodes.edu/155_1853.asp



Nora said...

Very pretty!

Kara C. said...

So pretty! It must have been pretty cool to go back there after all these years.