What's Your Vote?

I made the girls dress up the other day so I could take our Christmas card picture. Of course, they hated doing this. Normally, Sophie is the wildcard in this scenario, but this time it was Emma. I usually take about 3,000 pictures and maybe get one or two decent shots. These are the two best...which do you like better?

Photo 1

Photo 2


Nora said...

photo 2

Nora said...

I really like this blog layout. It's much more you.

Melanie said...

I like it much better than the blue one. I still like the dots, but Kara and I need our own identities!!

Kara C. said...

Looking at the pictures straight up, no cropping, I like #2. But cropped down in the greeting card layouts you chose, I would go with #1.

I might change my layout someday and then you can go back to the dots (if you wanted). But I agree, this layout is very you.

Chris C. said...

photo 2. they look happier.