Does anyone else think this is weird?

Isn't it enough that we take our dogs to "doggie daycare," playdates and spa days. But now birthday parties??? Come on. I love my dog, but this is a little over the top. 


Mary said...

Hi Mel- I happen to love this photo! But, we are dog weirdos and did just spring for doggie massages- she even came to our house for them. Keep up the good work on the blog- its a fun way to check in on you and your family- and to laugh at all of HT's "popisms".

Chris C. said...

dog massages?

Melanie said...

Hi Mary!

I have to admit, Sadie was a very indulged dog before we had kids. Now, it's hard living for her. The only joy in her life is trips to Amy's where she can chase ducks and swim in the lake, and of course, the "Pop" in the summer.