Democracy in Action

What an exciting day to be an American! The lines at our local polling place were out the door; something I've never seen since I moved back to my relatively small hometown eight years ago.

According to CNN, 73.5% of all eligible Americans are registered to vote, and election officials are expecting 80% turnout: a number that hasn't been seen since women got the right to vote! I'd call that a thriving democracy!! No matter who's side you're on, you've got to feel good about that.

Another thing to feel good about: FREE coffee at your local Starbucks today.


Nora said...

I had no clue about the Starbucks thing... too bad Dunkin Donuts isn't giving out free coffee. I like them better.

Kara said...

Yeah- no contest. If Dunkin Donuts were running for president against Starbucks, I'd be voting for DD.