Christmas Eve

I say the best part of Christmas is the night before. The anticipation is so exciting....it's like the week before your favorite HBO series begins a new season. What's better than drinking a Bailey's while admiring the tree and all the work that went into making Christmas happen. We'll be spending Christmas Eve with Amy & family, who are treating us all to Lobster Newburgh for dinner.

What are your Christmas Eve plans and/or traditions?


Nora said...

Conard is on his way to Orlando to pick up the Montana load. (it's some kind of FedEx push truck) Then we are having an early dinner at his Mom's house with his brother and sister in law. Tonight we are having drinks with my vet and his wife. Somewhere in the middle of that I will cook the side dishes for tomorrow, I'm not sure if Bailey's by the fire while gazing at the tree is in the plans...

Kara said...

Speaking of the anticipation a week before your favorite HBO series begins again- Big Love starts sometime in January!

Merry Christmas!