'Christmas Miracle'

This is an email from my good friend, Erin. It's a special story any time of the year, but especially a week before Christmas...

"My cousin Brian has been in dire need of a double lung transplant for quite some time. Last Friday, Brian called me to tell me about a dream he had. He told me that our Grandma and Grandpa (in heaven for over 10 years now), visited him in his sleep. They both hugged him. Brian said he felt this hug in his sleep, and could feel it all the next day. Apparently this happened from time to time, and always was followed by something positive for him.

On Sunday night, Brian received a call from the hospital, telling him that they had a possible match. I was lucky enough to be with Brian and his partner Ed during this time. We drove him to the hospital, but we found out 3 hours later that the lungs were infected, and the surgery was a no-go. Needless to say, this was devastating to him and to the rest of my family.

On Tuesday morning, Brian was on his way back in for another possible match. MGH has done only a couple of lung transplants this year...so for 2 matches to occur in 2 days is nothing short of a miracle. After about 12 hours of surgery, I just heard that Brian is done, and will soon be in recovery. He will be in an induced coma for several days, so this is just the beginning of a long road.

I ask that you keep Brian in your thoughts and prayers. He is an amazing person, and his spirit touches everyone that he meets. We all hope and pray that this is the beginning of a new life for him, and we are all saying our thanks to my Grandparents, who seem to be looking out for him."


Kara said...

That's an incredible story! Have you heard any more updates on how he is doing?

Melanie said...

Erin said today that Brian is doing much better and breathing on his own now. Good news!