Rant of the Day

I am completely fed up with our cable/internet/phone service provider: Comcast. First of all, they have a monopoly on local service...why is that OK? Anti-trust laws don't apply here? Secondly, they continue to raise their prices...get this...while offering fewer services! Haven't they heard about the economic crisis in this country?? What other company right now can get away with that?! It is the BIGGEST scam going.

"And that's all I have to say 'bout that."


Chris C. said...

I hate Comcast. No customer service at all, either! I got FIOS. By the way, how do you get the "I'm Reading" thing on your blog?

Nora said...

Do you have other options?

My satellite internet is pretty sucky but it seems like it is my only choice other than a wireless provider like Sprint or Alltel. I'm scared to make the change because I'm worried about (signal)reception.

Melanie said...

The only other option we have is DirecTV, but that means I would loose New England Cable News channel, which I love. Then I'd still have to get an internet and phone provider.

I agree, Comcast does have the worst customer service possible!

Melanie said...

Chris, go to your customize menu, click on 'add a gadget' on the left hand side, then choose 'add picture'.