Rhodes College in the News

Rhodes College has been rated number one among the “Most Service-Minded Schools” in Kaplan/Newsweek’s “Finding the Right College for You” guide. Of the 510 schools evaluated, 25 colleges made the cut with Rhodes at the top of the list. 

The 2010 guide includes 25 colleges listed in 12 categories exploring different aspects of the undergraduate student experience. 

Over 80 percent of Rhodes students participate in community service. Through the Rhodes Fellowships Program, students put academics into action while participating in important study, research, creative work and service initiatives.

This commitment to service began to grow in the 1950s with the establishment of the Kinney Program and is based on volunteerism, leadership and civic engagement. In addition, Rhodes has the oldest collegiate chapter of Habitat for Humanity in the country. Since 1992, the Bonner Scholars Program has helped students move from volunteerism to even a stronger commitment to service-learning, social change and servant leadership. Now in its seventh year, the Rhodes Summer Service Fellowship offers students the opportunity to devote a summer to a significant community project—either one identified by a community organization or designed by a student. Students address issues such as education, health care, global warming, and homelessness.


Kara said...

Very nice!

I meant to tell you that I met a woman who just moved here from Memphis and her mother-in-law attended Rhodes. Small world.

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Excellent blog!!
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