Fresh Start

I am going to start the "Body for Life" program this week. It's a 12-week program of weight-training and aerobic exercise and "diet." My friend Erin swears by it and says it completely changed her body. The program, in a nut shell, is: six days a week of exercise; 3 days of weight training for 45 minutes, and three days of interval cardio training for 20 minutes. The diet requires you to eat six small meals a day, linking a lean protein and "good" carb at each meal. On the seventh day, you eat whatever you want and take a break from exercise. My goal is to drop 20 lbs. I'm starting the program Monday, Jan. 7 .... I'm hoping I can blog to you on Monday, March 31 about reaching my goal!

Do you have any resolutions for the new year?


Kara C. said...

"You can do it!"

Way to go, Sis. I hope to follow your lead.

Amy W said...

How do you like it so far? I'll let you be the guinea pig!! You look fantastic. I'm up for any walking/exercise if you need a buddy. It will do me good mentally and physically!!!

Melanie said...

I like it. Of course, any "diet" program based on healthy choices requires planning ahead ... something I'm really bad about. So, always linking the lean protein and "good carb" is sometimes tricky to do without getting into a food rut and eating the same things over and over.

As far at exercise, I'm doing really well with that. I've been getting up early and doing it at home, so I have no excuses for not making it to the gym.

I lost 3 lbs. week 1, only a half pound week 2 and I'm finishing up week 3 tomorrow. It seems like my weight hasn't budged this week, but I definitely feel like I'm building muscle, so I'm trying not to focus on the scale too much.